Final Home Learning Grade 2/3 - Choice Board

Posted: June 8, 2020

Play Dream Box

Be extra kind and polite to someone today.

Listen to a book on Epic or Raz Kids. Draw a picture of your favorite part and write about why it is your favorite part. Share with someone.

Play Dream Box

A new STEAM Issue is on the Home Learning Page. This is a great way to do hands on learning and cross curricular activities.

Check out this week’s Camp Mathematician on the Numeracy Home Learning Page.

Pick your favorite game from Phys. Ed and teach it to someone, then play.

Pick a book from Raz Kids, a book from home or read a chapter from any other book. If it is a narrative: Talk, write or draw about the characters, setting, problem and solution. If it is an informational book talk, write or draw 5 interesting facts.

Play Dream Box

Read or listen to a book. Write a book recommendation to one of your friends. Include your favorite parts and why you think they would like the book.


Write about something you are looking forward to doing this summer. Don’t forget to make a plan first and check to make sure you have your upper cases and periods in the right spots.

Number of the Day: Roll dice to create a 2 digits (gr.2) or 3 digits (gr.3). On paper, represent your number in as many ways as you can. Ex: tallies, addition, subtraction, repeated addition, base tens, money, story problem and words.