Grade 2/3 Choice Board- Week 2 of Home Learning

Posted: April 14, 2020

Play Dream Box for 30 minutes.

Read a book. Is the information true? Could it really happen? How do you know? Is this book fiction or non-fiction.

Play Charades

Use the food in your house to create a menu with prices. Use the prices to write and solve math problems.

Call, Facetime or Skype with a friend or family member. Ask them 3 questions about their day. Have them ask you 3 questions back.

Look at the 2 patterns. What are they skip counting by? Is there something wrong? How could you fix it?

Grade 2:



1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

Grade 3


124, 128, 132



Can you build the correct pattern with LEGO? Or Base ten?

Build a Reading Fort. Bring your favorite books inside and read them.

Can you skip count by 2s starting at 100 and going down to 0?


Can you skip count by 2s from 25 to 7?


Can you skip count by 5s starting from 0-100?


Challenge: Skip count by 5s or 10s. Can you count all the way to 500?


Grade 2

Henry has 45 stickers. His cousin gives him 32 more stickers. How many stickers does he have now?


Grade 3

Henry has 342 cars. His cousin gives him 128 more. How many cars does he have now?


Now write your own story problem and find the answer.


Listen to a book on Epic or Raz Kids. Draw a picture of your favorite part and write about why it is your favorite part. Share with someone.

Play Dream Box for 30 minutes.

Play Freeze Dance