Grade 2/3 Choice Board- Week 5 of Home Learning

Posted: May 4, 2020

Pick a favorite activity from the 5 previous choice boards and do the activity again.

Take a handful of LEGO. Count out your referent of ten. Estimate using your referent how many LEGO you have. Write your estimate down. Count how many you have. Find the difference between your estimate and the actual amount. Repeat with different amounts by using two hands, three hands, ask an adult or family member.


Read a non-fiction book. Before you read it, write or draw 4-5 things you already know about the topic. Read the book. Write or draw 4-5 new facts you learned. Also check to make sure the facts you knew where true.

Play Dream Box for 30 Minutes – remember there are still assigned outcomes. As students finish I will assign more.

Write a math story problem for me. Send a picture to me and I will solve it and send it back to you. Remember addition is my favorite (hehe)!

Play Dream Box 30 Minutes

Pick your favorite tag game from Phys. Ed and teach it to someone, then play.

Pick a board game that you like to play. Write up some new rules for the game and try it with a family member. This is something Henry LOVES to do!


Facetime, Skype or call a family member or friend. Tell them about three fun or new things you did this week. Ask them about what they did. See if you can ask them one follow up question to what they said. For example: Did you have fun? What was your favorite part?

Pick 2 or 3 words out of the book you are reading that you are not sure what it means. Can you look that word up in the dictionary? Can you ask an adult what it means? Write the words in a new sentence.

Play Dream Box 30 Minutes

Write about your favorite things about Spring. Don’t forget to make a plan first and check to make sure you have your upper cases and periods in the right spots.