Grade 2/3 Choice Board- Week 6 of Home Learning

Posted: May 11, 2020

Look at Mrs. MacDonald’s Teacher Page on our website. She has posted some wonderful wellness ideas. Choose 2 or 3 to try throughout the week.

Play Dream Box 30 mins- if your child has finished the assigned outcomes, they will be assigned new ones. If they are not finished the assigned outcomes, they will be assigned again.

Book Recommendation

Have you read a good book lately that you think we should get in our classroom? If so, write me a book recommendation.  Include: the title, author, what makes it a good book, why you think we should get it for the classroom and who you think would enjoy the book the most.

ASDN North Website

There is now ASD-N at Home Learning tab. Find the Numeracy At Home Page. Find the Nature Ninja page and do the activities. It will be under Documents – Attachments. There is a K-2 and a 3-5. Enjoy!

Play Dream Box 30 mins

Connecting to the characters. After reading, write down how you relate to the characters.  Are any of them like you?  Or how are they different?

 STEAM Challenge

Go to the website and use the Home Learning Tab and look at the Science/STEAM Page to find this week’s STEAM Issue. You can find all STEAM Issues here

Play Dream Box 30 mins.


While you are reading this week practice self-monitoring. That is when you ask yourself the following questions while reading: does it look right, sound right and make sense? Some of you may do this for every sentence, some for every page.


Persuasive Writing

Is there something that you really, really want? Or something that you really, really want to do? Or something you really, really want to change? Write a letter to someone (could be me!) about your topic. Try to persuade your reader that you should be able to do/ change or get something you want.  Include 2 or 3 reasons why.  

Grade 2

How many months are there between Halloween and Valentine’s Day?

Grade 3

Lucas read a Chapter book beginning the first day of February and ending on the last day of March. How many days did it take him to read the book?


Make a Calendar for the rest of May and June. Add important dates, holidays and activities. Post it somewhere and cross off each day.



Have someone read you a story that has great word choice and is descriptive. Don’t look at the pictures. As they read, sketch out what you saw in your head. You could make one sketch or multiple sketches from the book. When the book is finished, share the parts of the book you drew and look at the pictures in the book.