Week 7 Home Learning Grade 2/3 - Choice Board

Posted: May 19, 2020

Making Words

How many words can you make with “Happy Spring”?

Check out this week’s Nature Ninjas on the Numeracy Home Learning Page.

After you read a book write a different ending for the book. Do you like your ending better? Did you make it silly or serious? Read the new ending to someone. Which ending do they like best?

Play Dream Box


Guess My Number- Roll a dice and create a number – write three clues about your number using base ten.

For example I roll 46. My three clues could be I have 4 tens and 6 ones, I have 3 tens and 16 ones, and I have 1 ten and 36 ones. Have the other person guess your number. Take turns rolling the dice and creating your three clues.

Do something kind for someone this week. You could make them a card, help them with something, give them a daily complement, or call someone who you have been missing and let them know.

Play Dream Box

A new STEAM Issue is on the Home Learning Page. This is a great way to do hands on learning and cross curricular activities.

Play Dream Box

As you finish up your assigned outcomes I will assign new ones.

After reading, record your personal thoughts, and any questions you may have about the book/chapter. You could also draw a picture of your favorite part.


Roll a dice – Skip count by 5 from that number- Record the next 5 numbers in that sequence on your paper

Start at 114 - skip count backwards from that number by 10 to 0. Record the numbers you said.

Roll a dice- Skip count forwards by 3s from that number- record the next 5 numbers in that sequence on your paper.

Make up a story with someone. Take turns saying a sentence at a time.


Each person starts a story on a separate piece of paper. Write a sentence and then pass the paper to your partner. They write a sentence and then pass it back. You need to continue the story from what they wrote in their sentence.