Week 8 Home Learning Grade 2/3 - Choice Board

Posted: May 25, 2020

Play Dream Box


Find 3-D objects in your home – how many faces, edges or vertices do they have? Do you remember what they are called? If you can’t, have an adult help you.

Some of the names include: sphere, rectangular prism, cube, cylinder and pyramid

A new STEAM Issue is on the Home Learning Page. This is a great way to do hands on learning and cross-curricular activities.

Read a book. Can you make any connections? Text to self (that’s a connection to you)

Text to text (that’s a connection to another book)

Text to World (that’s a connection you make to the world around you)


Write the main idea from a book, magazine or newspaper article that you are reading.

The RAAP Strategy Read the book, magazine, paragraph or article. Ask yourself, “What is the main idea in what I read?” Ask yourself, “What are the important details?”. In your own words, write about the main idea and details.

On Epic search “soil” in the Read to Me section. Are there any books you are interested in? Listen to them. Tell someone about something interesting you learned about soil.

Play Dream Box

Use playing cards- Remove the face cards from the deck. Flip over four cards and make two-two digit numbers. Add these numbers together in your head. Write down the problem and answer. Now it is your partner’s turn to do the same. Play until one of you gets as close to 500 as you can without going over. The person closest to 500 wins.

Collect your favorite books and toys. Make a super cool fort to read these books in.

Check out this week’s Nature Ninjas on the Numeracy Home Learning Page.

Play Dream Box

Our essential workers have been working so hard. It would be kind to write a letter, make a card or a sign to say thank you!