Janeville School's 2020 Turn Around Achievement Award Winner... ETHAN AUBE

Posted: June 3, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS ETHAN!!!  We are so proud of you!!  

It is with indeed an incredible pleasure for me to announce that this year’s Turnaround Achievement Award winner for Janeville Elementary School is Ethan Aubie.  This is Ethan’s second year at Janeville Elementary and the staff and I can simply describe Ethan as a sweet boy that, in spite of an incredible journey, has the biggest heart and sweetest smile that anyone could wish for.  

Ethan’s journey in our school system began with an energetic boy who’s main focus was on playing with friends and less on learning his letters and sounds.  Fast forward to his grade 5 year and before us we have a young man ready for Middle School, who believes he is loved, cared for,  and part of a larger family of people who has his best interests in their hearts.  I am proud to say that Ethan found a home at Janeville School, and in his two years with us, has flourished and became comfortable in his skin, as a part of a larger family.

Ethan is a very athletic and artistic boy.  He was comfortable enough to take on a starring role in our Christmas concert this year and played his part very well.  On the playground, Ethan has become the kid that the little ones know will be waiting to help them at the top of the sliding hill.   Ethan’s teachers describe Ethan with words such as kind, empathetic, and sympathetic. I will add to that that Ethan is brave and ready to take on whatever life will have in store for him.  Continue to be brave Ethan, I am so anxious to see you soar!!! 

Congratulations Ethan we are very proud that you are our 2020 Turnaround Achievement Award winner.