Visiting Veterans

Posted: November 9, 2013

The staff and students at Janeville Elementary School paid tribute to the war veterans at the Robert L. Knowles Veterans Unit at  Villa Chaleur on Thursday, November 7. During their visit, they entertained the residents with singing and poetry recitations, decorated the rooms with Remembrance Day artwork and the they enjoyed hot chocolate and timbits together. Remembrance Day cards were presented to the gentlemen. In return, the Veterans presented homemade birthday cards to the students who had celebrated birthdays in September and October.     Earlier in the fall, the grade 4-5 class started a daffodil/tulip planting project with the Veterans. Symbolic of the involvement Canadian Soldiers had with the liberation of Holland in World War II. As part of their project, students are sharing information about their gardens and other topics of interest on their blog at . The Veterans were truly touched with the visit and enjoyed meeting their blogging buddies face-to-face. In the words of one veteran, “You have left a mark on our hearts.”