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Posted: April 7, 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

I was able to upload the choice board this morning. Yay! I apologize for the delay. I would like to sign all the kids up for Epic!, which is a free book website. In order for you to access Epic! at home I would need to put your email address in and then you would receive an email with instructions. If this is something you are interested in please text me your email address and I will start the process for you. The books are really fantastic. We used Epic! during our Animal Project and the kids really enjoyed the books they were able to find. 

I will be in contact with everyone via a phone call either tomorrow or Thursday. I would love your feedback on the choice board. 

Have a wonderful day!

Read for 30 minutes.

Tell or write a short summary about what you read. In your summary include information about the characters, settings and what happened starting from the beginning to the end. Share what you wrote with someone.

Read a story out loud to someone at your house, over Facetime or to a pet.

Number of the Day: Roll dice to create a 2 digits (gr.2) or 3 digits (gr.3). On paper, represent your number in as many ways as you can. Ex: tallies, addition, subtraction, repeated addition, base tens, money, story problem and words.

Listen to a book or two on Raz Kids and answer the questions at the end of the book.


Tell someone about what you read.


Read the title of your book and do a picture walk. Make a prediction about what you think will happen in the story. Were you right? Share with someone.

Play Dream Box for 30 minutes.

How many little words can you make with the word Cupcake?

Write them down.

Use dice to create 2 numbers with 2 digits (gr.2) or 3 digits (gr.3). Add the two numbers together to find the sum. Write a story problem to go along with it.

Create a scavenger hunt for your family. Hide things around your house and write clues to help them with their search.

Play Simon Says


Listen to a book or two on Raz Kids and answer the questions at the end of the book.


Tell someone about what you read.


Play Dream Box for 30 minutes.

Posted: April 6, 2020

Hello Everyone! Here are some math and language arts ideas for the students in grade 2/3. Students can work on the activities throughout the week. Your child can choose as many activities per day as they’d like but try to aim for one or two a day, and please keep in mind the guideline of 1 hour of work per day or 5 hrs per week.  All of the activities can be done more than once if you so choose. They are also activities that can continue to be done in the following weeks, if you’d like. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me through text or a phone call. I am always available to help.