Ms. Perry


Good Morning Grade 4/5 Students and Families

It truly has been a remarkable few months. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer holiday full of fun and outdoor activities. Our family will spend time walking the beautiful trails that we have in the Chaleur region and having lots of picnics. It certainly has been a pleasure for me to have been with you students. Wishing you health and happiness this summer . Take Care. 


Ms.Mary and Hetty

Good Morning Grade 4/5 and Families

This is Week 9 of Home Learning. Look how far we have come. Everyone has given a tremendous effort towards learning which as we all know presents itself in many varied and creative ways. I am wishing you all a really pleasant week.

Regards , Chat Later

Ms. Mary and Henrietta ( Hetty)

Posted: May 30, 2020

Bees and Dandelions.The Bees in Your Backyard.

Read about the schooner called Bluenose and answer the information sheet.

Also read about tracking satellites. This information was compiled for me by L. Perry M.Sc. 



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